custom lego creations

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About Me

Puppeteering Milo for a shot in Son of the Mask

My Background

After attending USC art school in the 80s, I pursued a career in Special Effects.  Creating animatronic creatures, animals, and robots for film and TV. Now I design industrial robotics and cameras. I started as a robot competitor in the 90's and currently I'm  a producer on the TV show Battlebots.

My Medium

I use LEGO in the same way someone might use oils or clay. It is the medium I prefer to express my creativity in. The mechanical aspect to the bricks always fascinated me as a kid, it was the toy that could make other toys.

My Inspiration

Star Wars, Bladerunner, Godzilla, Stanley Kubrick and samurai films all played a heavy hand in my childhood. You can plainly see from the gallery their influence.